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Poema na revista americana Literature Today.

Meus agradecimentos à Revista Literature Today, por publicar um de meus poemas favoritos, "I love in Portuguese". A Edição 4, cujo tema é Amor, ficou maravilhosa. Estou muito contente em fazer parte dela, representando o Brasil.

A revista está disponível em: Literature Today (Volume 4)

Thank you Literature Today, for publishing one of my favourite poems, "I love in Portuguese". The Issue 4 on the theme "Love" is Wonder fui. I'm very pleased to be in it as Ana Paula Arendt, representing Brazil.

Literature Today (Volume 4) is available now.

It carries works of the following 80 writers: Aine Collins Conversion 1 Alinda Wasner Divertimento 2 Refraction 3 Ana Paula Arendt I love in Portuguese 4 Anca Vlasopolos Fertility Goddess 5 Andrew M. Bowen WASH MY HEART 6 Andrew Scott Rediscovered 7-8 Ayo Ayoola-Amale NO END TO THIS 9 Bob Petersen Callander Days 10 B. Z. Niditch MEMORY 11-12 Barbara Foster DEAR JOHN 13 Bo Lanier Saved By a Mermaid 14-15 Brad G. Garber How We Met 16 Candice James Remember Me 17 When You Walk In the Room 18 Carine Mardorossian Love 19 Charlotte Murphy THE PINK ROSE 20 Christopher Barnes He Came To Me In Springtime 21 Claire T. Feild Beside the Rambutan Tree 22 Daniel Williams My Constant Wife 23-24 David Anthony Sam The Exile’s Bride 25 David B. Axelrod SPRING CHICKENS 26 Dawn Schout Daylight Saving 27 DJ Tyrer Together 28 Doug Bolling Lovers’ Tale 29 Elisabeth Kinsey Cows 30-31 Florence Weinberger NAMING THE BIRDS 32 Frank Joussen Two Serious Lovebirds 33 Gary Beck Faded 34 George Perreault As If Shakespeare 35 Glenda Beall The Icehouse Job 36 Gregg Dotoli New York Spell 37 Helen Engelhardt Another Morning 38 Howard Winn OLD FRIEND 39 Inas Essa Together yet Apart 40 Irene Kaesermann Coup de foudre 41-42 Jason Constantine Ford The One I Love 43 Jay Frankston A GOLDEN THREAD 44 Jean L. Kreiling Wising Up 45 Joan McNerney Virtual Love 46 John M. Marshall Rain 47 Joseph Powell LOVERS 48-49 Josie Failla Love 50 Julie Finch Reflection 51 Justine Johnston Hemmestad What I Love 52 Katharyn Howd Machan FOX IS MOVED TO PAINT HER DAUGHTER 53 Kelven Ka-shing LIT I miss the old old lantern 54-55 Ken Frieden PLUNGE 56 Laura Minning a n d i c a n f l y 57 Lawrence Parlier Escape 58 Linda M. Crate melancholy September 59 Lyn Graham Barzilai Loving 60 Maciej Walkowiak Infinity 61 Marianne Lyon His Face 62-63 Marianne Szlyk Tropical Fantasy on the J-Train 64 Mark Frederick Baker DISAPPEARED 65 Mary Anne Zammit LOVE BEATS 66 Matthew C. Wells Not the Sitcom Friends 67 Michael Lee Johnson Bowl of Black Petunias 68 Michelle Villanueva apart from sky castles 69 Noémi Bodnárová There Is a Wolf in My Heart 70-71 Pamela Manché Pearce I Wish in the Kitchen of Your Heart 72 Paul J. Willis Salal 73 Paul Lobo Portugés The House That Love Built 74 Richard Walker ODE TO LOVE 75 Roger Weaver On Parting 76 Ronald Pies The Circle Unbroken 77-78 Rosemarie Rowley THE BROKEN PLEDGE 79-82 Sabahudin Hadzialic ENDLESS LOVE 83 Stella V. Radulescu les noctambules 84 Steve Troyanovich TO AN OHIO BLUEBIRD 85 Suanna H. Davis Love is… 86 Susan Dale A Door 87 Sy Roth Once In a Deep Forest, She Danced 88-89 Teddy Kimathi Watering a Wilted Flower 90 Tonia McGregor Away from the Masquerade 91-92 Valeri Beers Wrong Name 93 Wanda S. Praisner Listening to the Dial Tone 94 William Doreski Your Voice in the Wind 95-96 Stories Brittany N. Krantz The Octopus Game 97-99 Bryan Mead Joey Gilmore’s Greatest Day 100-106 Ted Morrissey Beside Running Waters 107-114 Contributors’ List 115-139


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