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How easily can you distinguish a character pictured over the true face of one's person?

You can check it out by having a look at the pictures and at the poems by clicking here or on the Events tab of this literary page.

It was indeed a hard task to put in words Sebastian Bieniek’s fine vision on the urban life by picturing a woman or a child with a face draw over hers, although women and children are the most natural poets in their gestures and expression. Beauty of creativeness, perception dancing in a alternate focus on what women are, and on what people say we are. That makes Sebastian Bieniek’s work dynamic and also post-surreal, since it addresses the fantastic possibilities of daily life.

Urban life urges you to create someone you must show in public, someone unique and whom you can attribute anything you want. To escape deceitfulness, and the undesirable effects of social pretending, it is essential to notice that your character is a direct result of your interaction with others, and that this character you created is someone you prepared to entertain yourself and others. When you put your effort on character creation, stating it with an evident design, your true person may become visible to the human eye. And there you have as a result the single surprising effect of our everyday art. Art emancipates us from the urban nausea, from overlooking the true person of each one, and art on our own self is the ultimate step to preserve our very human aspect.

Politics is all about protecting every human aspect in the public sphere. A reading on our polis urbana is essential for developing our own character and human nature, but that reading of our public self is usually taken for granted. I am sure detaching our perception of urban life through self-art is certainly a good start for contemplating the dialogues we establish all the time in this extemporal and omnipresent polis. The beautiful woman and the cute child pictured are Bieniek's wife and son.

Also this collection is a response to the readers who would like more alter stories, since I regretfully assevered A. P. Arendt is just a pseudonym.

I hope you enjoy this 25 shorties, quick poems I prepared in the eponymous book Doublefaced, as I wrote the versos to each of his portraits, as he gradually posted each of his works at his official page. Thanks to Sebastian Bieniek, and I hope this gallery can help you out coming to visit us in Brazil. I was delighted to know his Doubleface exposition travelled all Europe!

Prepare a good cup of coffee and I hope you enjoy the reading!

Ana Paula Arendt. Brasilia, 28th of January 2014, Brazil.

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